Arthemist Lemniscate, Vortex Exploration III
Arthemist Lemniscate, Object Exploration I
Arthemist Lemniscate, Vortex Exploration II
Arthemist Lemniscate, Object Exploration II

Arthemist Lemniscate

Once a year Bjørn Venø returns to his ancestral home, a small island facing the North Sea, though his dreaming body never left because every sleeping night he finds himself still there.

The island has a secret, a presence that tries to communicate with those who stop to listen. Venø has been trying to unlock the language of the island by interacting with it through actions, performances and creating artwork since 2005.

Venø believes that with this project he has found a methodology of how to connect with the landscape, which he calls Arthemy, a philosophy and a sensibility that must be heightened by allowing oneself to be vulnerable. Arthemy is about adjusting one's mindset, redefining value and meaning, which leads one to become an Arthemist.

Venø believes he is on a path towards a state of mind that lets the energy flow between the Arthemist, objects born on the land and the land itself.

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