______"Realisation Image” 340x300cm, camera operator JJ



An exhibition curated by JONAS STAMPE

DigitaLive is an experiment and a fusion of what is live and digital. It takes place from November 30 2013 to January 26 2014 at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre in Guangzhou showcasing art works of eight chinese and eight scandinavian contemporary artists.

DigitaLive is not a traditional art exhibit with finished art works, instead DigitaLive wants to present its genesis, or the process of the work. From its ”imaginary” unfinished state in which the audience only can imagine it, to the phase of practical realization and finally the finished art object. Whether it is an installation, photographs or video works or for that matter residues of an action.

DigitaLive unites so to speak the imagination inherent in the imaginary state of the work, with the experience of the creative action and ends with the exploration of the art work as an object.

DigitaLive is a two month long journey into the unknown. It is a challenge for the visitors as well as for the artists. It will change during the whole exhibition period, with an unfinished work being presented for a week until the live creation takes place. And will as such develop its own form, becoming a process in itself. New artists will arrive to present their imagination, creation and finally the end result.

DigitaLive is an experiment in how to present the genesis while, mixing the live and the digital, as well as focusing on the preceding imagination. All artists have been given the challenge to present their own vision of the genesis and process of their work. What it will become is something that we as visitors only can imagine, experience and explore. Nothing is given, nothing is certain, except that it will be an exhibition of something new. Something different. Something to come. A vision of a future.

Text by Jonas Stampe



I made a call for people to take part in an audition that also worked as a workshop in the methodology I use for creating work ("The Licensed Fool" Workshop).

I selected 5 people to collaborate with:

陈佳忆 (Chen Jia Yi / Yvonne)

闫欣悦 (Yan Xin Yue / Mila)

萧晴 (Kelly)

宁宇 (Ning Yu)

王恩子 (En Zi Wang / Enzi)

The idea was that 6 people should function as a single unite and own the work equally. We create a selection of themes collectively:

  • Free Flow of Thought
  • Existence
  • Becoming Another Gender
  • Freedom to Express

The collective collaboration failed when it came to how we should create the artwork, as each individual presented his or her own solution to how the theme should be visualized. At which point I had to steep in, and suggest that we should perform together in a defined space, allowing influence and alterations from each other. Four of the individuals embraced this and one resisted and functioned as a single entity in the performance. The resulting work is a performance video titled “Realisation” 56:07 minutes and a large image titled “Realisation Image” 340x300cm. Each of us own one edition of the work that we are entitled to sell.

For me the failures I experienced ad an interesting element to the work, in contrast to perfection that I perceive as a failure in it self, based on the presumption that if perfection is a perfect copy then it does not have any distinguishing features that make it unique.


20 min extract of "Realisation" Filmed by JJ

Workshop V 15.05.33

Workshop V 10.14.32

Workshop V 0261621

Workshop V 0264709

Workshop V 14.41.30

YouYou Contemporary Art Centre in Guangzhou

Installation Documentation YouYou Contemporary Art Centre in Guangzhou, DigitaLive curated by Jonas Stampe. Left Wall: 'Imagine' contains video and images from the audition / workshop, props and idea development for the work 'Realasation' and 'Realasation Image'. Right Wall: 'Realasation Image'. Sculpture bottom Left: 'Monkey Ball'

Installation Documentation YouYou Contemporary Art Centre in Guangzhou, DigitaLive curated by Jonas Stampe. 'Monkey Ball'

Bjørn Venø and Jonas Stampe



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