Artist Statement

The trees of Norway have no fear of measuring their strength against the might of the mountains. They fight for a foothold on the barren land and more often than not win no matter how hard the rock tries to stand against thousands of roots slowly pushing themselves in to every crack.

No wonder then that ‘Tusse Kallet’ a branch with a large round lump, from an old tree can be used to open the mountain whilst singing a Norse hymn. It is said that the first of my ancestors did just that.

On a night when the sun had not set, my ancestor saw a ‘Hulder’ whose beauty which had not been seen for a thousand years stepped out of a dark lake. My ancestor knew he had to marry her what ever the cost and followed the ‘Hulder’ through forest and over hills until she was swallowed by a mountain. He shouted and hammered day and night to be let in but nothing happened until an old goat took pity in him and whispered the secret of how to gain entry.

Within the mountain he found his ‘Hulder’ at the feet of a blind Troll king. My ancestor told the Troll that he would give every cow he owned to marry the ‘Hulder’. “Only if you meet the request of my daughter” said the Troll. “I shall be your wife if you exchange your eyes with my fathers,” said the ‘Hulder’; to which my ancestor agreed and on the wedding night he found that the Trolls eyes were indeed blind but to his surprise revealed the world as it really was.

My father and I have both travelled the seven seas to find our freedom from the land, but no matter how far we traveled our blood would never stop hearing the call of the mountain.


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Tusse Kallet


Trolls Flesh

Trolls Door




Domain II


All images 2011, Edition of 7, Media: Giclee print, Presentation: Framed.
Talent: Olav Venø
Tusse Kallet, 40x60 cm, £600
Reed House, 60x90cm, £1200
Solitude, 60x90cm, £1200
Trolls Hemorrhoids, 40x60 cm, £600
Domain I, 60x90cm, £1200
Trolls Bone, 40x60 cm, £600
Silence, 60x90cm, £1200
Trolls Flesh, 40x60 cm, £600
Thought, 60x90cm, £1200
Remain, 40x60 cm, £600
Reception, 60x90cm, £1200
Trolls Door, 40x60 cm, £600
Domain II, 60x90cm, £1200
Copyright Bjørn Venø